Crupples: Crunch or Chew

When it comes to offering children choices – don’t – as any Crupples choice will work.

Crupples come in 2 textures: Crunch and Chew

We have Crunch Blackcurrant and Chew – NOW we have Crunch Pineapple.

We have successfully dried Crunchy Blackcurrant and Pineapple juice infused SLICES. Our children and their friends are raving about them -could be the next big thing and no other drying technology can do it i.e. naturally without adding chemicals

Crunch Blackcurrant is ……… click for more

Crunch Pineapple is ……… click for more

Chew is ………… click for more

some yummy tips – Try Crunch with your cereal, sprinkle over ice cream, as a topping for many a dessert, as Croutons in your salads, mixed in Guacamole
Chew is fantastic with savory dishes, stuffing, on a cheese board, in a salad, with a curry, in sandwiches with chicken, ham, bacon cheese or anything that takes your fancy.

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