Crupples: About Crupples

The vision was to build a drying machine small enough to freight direct to the orchard but big enough to dry large amounts of fruit and vegetables at a time.

We wanted to carefully dehydrate fruit in a way that would retain all the characteristics of the original fresh produce.

Add to that the realisation that power costs are soaring and cool-storing is not only expensive but fruit that is cool-stored has a limited life span.

So here we have a machine that is able to dry fruit at the source, using a revolutionary drying system OVDMA that is able to use the water in the fruit as an energy source.

We are able to achieve all this by holding the diced/infused fruit in its expanded state while it is de-hydrated in a vacuum atmosphere where the presence of oxygen is greatly reduced.

The plant cell structure naturally transpires clear water to the fruit surface as nature would have it therefore only our technology allows near perfect re-hydration.

Our drying process is called OVDMA by driedfresh™ .

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